Getting Grounded

Five quick and easy ways to get grounded and feel better!

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By Team Bhavana

Getting Grounded


How often do you pause to get yourself grounded?

Grounding represents different things to different people. For me, grounding is a conscious practice that helps me become more connected with myself, which leads me to have deeper, healthier connections with everything around me.

I find grounding is best achieved in nature. With the cold weather months ahead here are a few tips to stay grounded in nature if you find this is a must for you also.

Your self-love is a medicine for the earth.

– Yung Pueblo

1. Even if it’s cold? Yep! Layer up and go out anyway! Accept that beauty exists in every season.


2. Try visualization meditation. I like to imagine my spine as a great and strong tree trunk with the roots grounding me deeply into the earth and branches reaching up and out to meet the sky and heavens.


3. Care for your house plants. Brighten your cold-weather months by adding a few new house plants. Nurturing house plants is grounding, and also purifies the air. 

4. Connect to your senses: 

  • Take a nice hot bath or shower
  • Get a massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga
  • Try the box breath (inhale 4-count, hold 4-count, exhale 4-count, hold 4-count, and so on) to reconnect with your body and decrease stress and anxiety

5. Sound therapy. My go to for grounding is to listen to rhythmic Native American/Shamanic drum beats. If movement is your thing, try throwing in some earbuds and take a hike out in nature while listening.


Try what resonates most for you or let us know what you do to get grounded?


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