Your Modern Mystics

Madison Denk

Nina Saurer, CCht
Founder & Co-Owner of Modern Mystic
Subconscious Change Expert & Lead Instructor

Sierra Rose

Sierra Rose, LMT
Co-Owner of Modern Mystic
Medical Massage Therapist & Energy Reader

At Modern Mystic, our intention is simple: To help individuals find tools, techniques, and strategies that are help them reconnect with a deeper wisdom and inner knowing.

Founder and co-owner of Modern Mystic, Nina Saurer, held the vision of a center that offers opportunities to learn, grow, and fellowship with a tribe to call their own. Originally named the Bhavana Wellness Center, this center has evolved to support a greater variety of spiritually grounded practices, trainings, and now self-care and daily ritual centering products. 

 and Modern Mystic represents the contemporary spiritual being and seeker who is on a journey of self-love and learning to live a life that best represents their understanding of a higher wisdom and living.

Sierra Rose was an original member of Bhavana Wellness Center and became a co-owner of Modern Mystic in 2022. With a common vision and mission to help bring a community together to create a space of healing, learning, and growth, the two women combined their efforts to relaunch as Modern Mystic.



  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Deep Alchemy Coach
  • Certified Deep Alchemy Energy Practitioner 
  • Certified Deep Alchemy Sound Therapy Practitioner


  • Transformational Hypnotherapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Sound Healing Therapy
  • Reiki/Energy Therapy
  • Deep Alchemy Theta Resonance Therapy
  • Mediation & Mindfulness
  • Eye Movement Integration Therapy
  • Deep Alchemy Coaching
  • Human Design Readings
  • Intuitive Energy Readings
  • Deep Alchemy Theta Healing

Collectively, we are laerning that we have far more influence over our biology and mindset than once thought. We come from different walks of life and have expertise in a variety of disciplines focused on holistic living. Our tools and techniques are grounded in both ancient wisdom and moder practices that have been synthesized and designed to support you wherever you are at on your journey.

Every person is unique, and therefore deserves an approach that resonates with them. Our tribe of practitioners are ready to work with you to empower positive lasting change.


To activate awareness through connecting individuals to their unique higher wisdom. We feel the need to expand our community to help others to thrive among a strong and vibrant collective.

Need a tribe of your own? Come and join ours! Check out our list of EVENTS.