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Explore Your Past Lives, Life’s Purpose, and Beyond with a New Approach to Lunar Nodes

Harness the power of the Lunar Nodes with this book’s groundbreaking system of archetypes and celestial interactions. The North and South Nodes of the moon represent a gateway, not just to your past lives, but also to the relationship between human consciousness and the universe. This book investigates how your life is affected when the planets aspect the Nodes and how you can use this knowledge to live with greater purpose and confidence. 
Wendell C. Perry shares the planet archetypes on a chapter-by-chapter basis, making it easy for you to look up each one and how it functions when aspecting the Nodes. You’ll also learn about transiting aspects, archetype pairings, and Lunar Nodes in relation to the houses and sun signs. Featuring thorough research and hundreds of examples, this book shows you how to best utilize the cosmic connection between planets and Lunar Nodes.


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