Malachite chip bracelet


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Malachite is hailed as a stone for true spiritual transformation! It is an excellent focal stone for those experiencing large life changes, those who wish to break ongoing cycles, and those who want to kick-start personal growth. Malachite motivates you to build your ideal future, become the best version of yourself, and achieve your dreams. You should wear or work with malachite when you speak in public, as it assists with confidence, courage, self-expression, and a positive mindset. If you need a protective and spiritually healing stone, malachite is an excellent choice. It draws away negative energy, influences, and malicious intentions, helping you to remove blockages and soothe emotional wounds.

Malachite is a Kelly-green to deep green stone, characterized by irregular bands or bubbles of varying shades of green. Raw Malachite is incredibly sparkly and shiny, with a-grade raw clusters exhibiting feather-like patterns. Since the brilliant color of Malachite is due to its copper content, it should never be placed in water!


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