Mystic Moon Box


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This box is designed to help support you as the moon waxes through to a full and complete state of being. Enjoy growing, expanding, and expressing your deep inner intentions with this box.

What’s Included:

???? Selenite Moon Charging Plate
???? Tumbled Black Obsidian – helping you to protect your heart’s intentions as they grow out from the darkness
???? Blue Kyanite to help increase intuition, strengthen self-expression, open clear communication, and develop heightened psychic awareness
???? Rainbow Moonstone Sphere – Connecting you to Growth, Divine Inspiration, Harmony, and balance
???? Full Moon Oat Milk Bath Ritual with bath for steeping – relax and unwind with this soft and soothing soak, enjoy the aromatherapy of essential oils, lavender, rose petals, and rosemary


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