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First discovered and named by Spanish monks, Palo Santo wood’s name means “Holy Stick”, and is often called “Holy Wood”. It has a pleasant, cedar-like aroma with a sweeter scent; sometimes described as citrus or floral.
Palo Santo wood is 100% natural, without any dangerous chemicals or solvents, and comes from a tree that grows only on the coast of South America.  No trees or forests are harmed as they are sustainably harvested. The responsibility of local harvesters is in their local laws which states clearly any dead Palo Santo tree cannot be removed unless it has been on the forest floor for several years, and it can never be cut down while still alive. The tree must die a natural death, paying homage to the local indigenous beliefs that each Palo Santo tree has a spirit of its own that lives within the tree even after its death. When any local harvester takes a fallen tree they must plant a new tree in its stead.
As a sacred wood it goes through a metamorphosis after death which brings the beautiful scent of the tree; the scent you enjoy is only developed through years after it has fallen.
Palo Santo wood is often used in energy cleansing and healing work. It is an incredible tree whose wood is highly-regarded and well-respected by those who practice within the metaphysical and those who simply enjoy the Earth’s natural history alike.
You can place several sticks of wood in a breathable bag in your closet, dresser drawers, car, or office space to enjoy its lovely & unique fragrance.
If you choose to burn Palo Santo, it can be polarizing as some people love it natural or burning, and some people dislike the scent of burnt Palo Santo wood. If you choose to light Palo Santo wood, it should be aflame for up to 30 seconds before safely blowing out the flame to allow the stick to smolder in a fireproof container. Be sure to exercise caution when working with flames. 
Palo Santo wood has a long history with the ancient people of South America up to practices still respected today. It is traditionally used by indigenous peoples in warm water or tea for help with flu or cough. Indigenous people have burned the wood for generations as an insect repellent.
The scientific name for the Palo Santo tree is Bursera Graveolens (which means “A bag of oil”). The female trees live around 50 years whereas the male trees live over 200 years.
Experience for yourself the many, wonderful properties of this unique, mystical tree.


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