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The Self-Healer Box is designed to

What’s Included:

???? Wise Woman Ritual Candle – Crystal, Herb, and Essential Oil Infused
???? Crystals – Tumbled Rose Quartz (Self-Love/Heart chakra), Raw Amethyst (Master Healer), Raw Tourmaline (Protection), Raw Fire Quartz (Amplify Healing Energy), Raw Green Fluorite (Personal Growth)
???? The Chrysalis Breaker card deck – There are few things more painful than a lost sense of Self. The Chrysalis Breaker card deck is for those who struggle with this as well as perfectionism, people-pleasing, or setting boundaries.

This card deck is decorated with motifs of butterflies and cocoons, to symbolize a journey of transformation. A reminder of your strength, beauty, and ability to transform into your true, authentic Self.

Your Self is who you are – your values, feelings, needs, thoughts, beliefs, and boundaries. If you don’t have a strong sense of Self, you may fuse your experiences with that of another person or situation, taking on their feelings, thoughts, and needs and using them to define your own, never actively filtering out the ones that don’t align with you. Or, you may disown things like feelings altogether and involuntarily dissociate (“numb out”), spending a lot of time feeling disconnected. You may feel like unless you’re completely alone, you don’t really exist. You can’t “get in touch” with your own needs and thoughts and feelings. Your inner voice feels very, very quiet…Maybe totally silent.

This deck will resonate with perfectionists, people pleasers, excessive self-sacrificers/givers, or codependents-in-recovery.


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