Tension myositis syndrome (TMS), also known as tension myoneural syndrome, is a condition that causes real physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, gastrointenstinal issues, and fibromyalgia, that are not due to pathological or structural abnormalities and are not explained by diagnostic tests.

A key element to being able to restoring this balance is to regulate the autonomic nervous system, reduce stress, and cultivate support for your physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

We have designed an approach that takes into consideration the whole person. Our Integrative nutrition coach will help optimize your nutritional options to support a healing environment for your body while reducing inflammation and increase energy. Every individual is unique, so this process requires a 1:1 approach to ensure you are supported from day one.

Our Clinical Massage Therapist understands that clients who have chronic pain are not one size fits all and will work with you using a combination of massages that focus on deep tissue, relaxation, myofascial release, connective tissue, and lymphatic drainage massage.

In addition, we use magnetic resonance therapy that immerses you in a unified magnetic field with proprietary algorithms designed to meet tissue needs of specific conditions.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist has created specialized high performance hypnotic programs which are then applied as you enter the Magnesphere. During this time your subconscious mind gets rewired to support the physical, mental, and emotional demands of athletic competition.

Lastly, we have included two 90-minute sessions of Neuro-Coaching to identify any deep mindset patterns that include thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that may be holding you back within your day-to-day routines and relationships.

Pathway Program Plan for Tension Myiotis Syndrome

This 12 week program includes:

We've included an important digital component

Giving you the power to continue training your deep inner mind to cultivate powerful positive change between sessions.


It's all about deconditioning and reconditioning your mind to better support health and wellness.

Mind-body connection

Bridging the conscious gap of awareness of your mind-body awareness for greater connectedness


Regulating the autonomic nervous system to support optimal healing conditions

subconscious support

Use hypnotic and neuro-linguistics programming, we can create powerful anchors empowering positive triggers for emotional wellness and physical comfort

Why we do what we do



Our subconscious runs over 95% of our day-to-day life. It is responsible for all autonomic nervous system functions, the deeply held beliefs which in turn create thought patterns and behaviors to which or lives run on.


Our bodies are not separate from the subconscious but rather a mouthpiece for it. When we learn to listen, feel, and experience our body and mind as one, we can begin moving into a greater alignment and sense of wholeness.


When we say spirit, we are not holding to any particular religious or spiritual understanding. Rather, we support the connection and alignment of a personal view and relationship of oneness that is uniquely understood and experienced by each person.