Wild Heart Alchemy
Group Coaching

Wild Heart Alchemy is a group coaching program for individuals ages 18+ who have a desire to break free from conditioning of the heart, mind and spirit that has left them feeling not good enough, broken, and out of place

What does Wild Heart Alchemy mean?


Not domesticated, controlled, or restrained;
enthusiastic, excited; a natural state


The central innermost part of something;
love, affection, compassion


A seemingly magical process of transformation,
creation, or combination; any magical power or
process of transmuting a common substance,
usually of little value, into a substance of great value

Untame Your Heart and Live Fully

Wild Heart Alchemy was born out of my own healing journey and has been refined through my work with others as I have mentored, coached, and joined many on their walk of healing, reclaiming, and the “rewilding” their beautiful spirits. 

To “rewild” is to decondition and unlearn the beliefs and stories we have absorbed from our culture and upbringing since our youth. These stories and beliefs become programmed in as not only our survival skills, but we claim many of these “truths” as who we are, making them our identity. In some cases we flourish and thrive within the programming and in others are suffer and strive.

Your innermost part, your truth, the essence of you, is calling out for you to return. This part of you, the heart of your existence, has a deep inner wisdom and connection to divine reality that goes beyond your conditioning. We learn to identify and peel back layers and deep dive below the noise and distraction, and tap into this deep inner knowing to connect with your truth and begin the process of transformation from the inside out.

Through this program you learn how to create the reality that exists from the deep imaginings of your spirit, discovering your true story. 

As we navigate together, you’ll learn techniques that help you break free from the old identities that fall into patterns of self-sabotage, regrets, resentments, victimhood, addiction, not good enough, perfectionism, and many others that threaten to keep you living a life that feels less than the one you really deserve. This safe space within a circle of souls allows you to explore old beliefs, thinking patterns and obstacles that have been holding you back while we encourage, lift, and support one another in rising up to reclaim our wild and beautiful hearts.

Untame Your Heart and Live Fully

This group is for you if...

You are ready to tear down the walls that are keeping you a prisoner 

Your fear of living a small, ineffective life is greater than your fear of letting go of the belief that it is all you are capable of

You are ready to own your truth and willing take responsibility for where you have allowed that to be suppressed, oppressed, denied, and rejected

You are tired of people pleasing, hiding who you really are, and trying to be what you think everyone else wants/needs

You no longer want to communicate with yourself through self-hatred and self-pity and are ready to create a sacred space of love, forgiveness, and compassion to support your dreams and goals

You feel lost in your life and have no idea how to find your way out

Your tired of making excuses about why you can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t, and don’t

You feel stuck and are ready to do whatever it takes to claim your freedom

You are in a life transition and want to use this time to reinvent yourself and your possibilities

You feel you’re living half a life and want greater alignment to live more fully, feeling more alive

You’ve tried doing it on your own to little or no avail and are ready to embrace the camaraderie, support, and insight of working with others

You don’t know where to begin but are ready to start

If this sounds like you, jump on my calendar and sign up HERE for a 15 minute discovery call to get started! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How many people are in a group?

Each group will have a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 12 people. 

What if the required minimum is not met?

Should this happen you have two options, you can hold your spot for the next group along with other group members who don’t want to lose their spot or you can request a refund.

Refunds are issued within 7-10 days of request and are minus the 3% fees for bank processing. 

Can I be a private client and do this group coaching program ?

This coaching program is designed to help you uncover your unique truth and begin the deconditioning process. At the same time we are building up your inner resources to strengthen your shifts as you grow to meet your goals. 

Working independent from the group can be helpful at times. In cases where there is an issue that has deep destructive roots and causes greater maladaptive behaviors you may find a few private sessions to be helpful. If you believe you would benefit, please reach out to me personally outside of the group and schedule a call to discuss further. 

What happens if I cannot make a live group session?

You won’t want to miss these live group sessions as the interactions are rich and full of gems which are unearthed in our deep dives with one another. 

However, should something come up or not get out of work on time, these sessions are recorded and available for 48 hours after with passcode only access.

Do I have to join the FB private group ?

Joining the Facebook private group is not required and does not mean you’ll miss out on anything we will do our group sessions. This is another safe space for you and the others to continue to build community, find support, accountability, inspiration, motivation, and share your successes.

We do not bring gripes and problems here.

We share challenges only if we are willing to find and try solutions.

We do not engage with others to tell them how to feel, what they should do, or what to believe.

This private group page is monitored by myself and other admins who look to hold a safe space to grow and find inspiration.

What happens if I miss an activity between sessions?

The activities are designed to support your progress between sessions. These can be a combination of exercises that are suggested for you to try each week between live group sessions such as the recorded deep meditations, automatic writing and journaling activities, action steps, and energy work exercises.

If you don’t complete the activity exercises, don’t fret! The idea is to support each weeks work and get the most out of your time with the work we do inside the group sessions and outside. Yet, if you miss a week you’ll get back on track. In other words, there will be no grading, shaming, blaming or calling out. Yet, you’ll have space in the FB private groups to stay accountable to your goals and get motivated by the successes others are seeing inside and out of the group sessions.